Cyber Focus Week (CFW) 2024

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Unveiling The Latest Addition to CFW: Join the Fight Against Ransomware in Our Hands-On Resiliency Virtual Bootcamp sponsored by Rubrik! See below for more info!

CFW Tech Tours, March 27th

9:00 – 11:00 AM

Morning Tech Tour: Space ISAC, 3650 N. Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

During the tour, attendees will learn about the history, mission and vision of the Space ISAC. We will tour through the Cyber Vulnerability Lab and the Watch Center. 

The Cyber Vulnerability lab is a sandbox environment that allows for pen testing and malware analysis on a segmented network. This lab will allow commercial Space Organizations to host research projects to include students, academia, commercial, and government. Commercial space companies will test systems for deployment, with a direct interface with the Watch Center to inform Vulnerability Analysis. This lab is currently in its Pilot Phase. 

The Watch Center fuses disparate data sources to create a complete picture of ground and space for collective defense of the global space community. Space ISAC analysts track adversary activity across segments. Initial operating capability converges on the cyber and physical threats to the space domain.

1:00 – 3:00 PM

Afternoon Tech Tour: AMNET, 219 W. Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903

This guided tour will offer attendees an exclusive insight into AMNET’s downtown Colorado Springs facility, providing a comprehensive overview of both on- and off-site management aspects related to cybersecurity and general IT operations. Participants will gain firsthand knowledge of the tools employed to safeguard AMNET’s clients, delving into the intricacies of addressing the challenges associated with communicating the imperative for cybersecurity. Additionally, the tour will provide a real-time perspective on the management of these critical concerns, featuring insights from our skilled technical professionals.

Furthermore, AMNET’s CEO will conduct a detailed discussion, offering a nuanced exploration of the intricacies involved in establishing, building, and expanding a business within the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity. This unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders and frontline experts promises to enhance participants’ understanding of the complex dynamics inherent in the cybersecurity fiel

CFW Forum, March 28th at UCCS Berger Hall

7:00 – 8:00 AMExhibit hall setup and attendee arrival
8:00 – 8:15 AMCall to Order and Opening Remarks
8:15 – 9:05 AMOpening Keynote Address: The Expanding Cyber Threat Against Space-based Systems and the Impact It Will Have on Terrestrial Critical Infrastructure presented by Ronald Keen, Senior Advisor – Space, National Risk Management Center (NRMC), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
9:05 – 9:15 AMRISE Executive Coaching Presentation & Raffle Prize Drawing
9:15 – 10:05 AMPresentation: AI and Social Engineering presented by Dr. Erik Huffman, Cyberpsychologist
10:05 – 10:15 AMBreak
10:15 – 10:25 AMAFCEA Rocking Mountain Chapter Presentation & Raffle Prize Drawing
10:25 – 11:15 AMPanel Discussion: U.S. Secret Service’s Current Cybercrime 2024 Outlook, with NIFA Patrick Beyer, SA Jordan Huntzinger, and NIFA Jared Lobato
11:15 – 11:25 AMExecutive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA), Cybersecurity Management,
Dr. James Van Scotter Presentation
11:25 AM – 12:25 PMBuffet Lunch
12:25 – 1:15 PMMid-day Keynote: Artificial Bait: The Impact of AI on Phishing Attacks and the Employee Data Threat Surface, presented by Jeff Jockisch, CIPP/US, Privacy Researcher, Avantis Privacy & Gavan Wilhite, Founder & CEO, QuestGiver
1:15 – 1:25 PMLaverty Cyber Presentation & Raffle Prize Drawing
1:25 – 2:15 PMPresentation: Vulnerability Scanning Your Web Application is a Trap and What to do Instead, presented by Terry Bradley & James Smith, OWASP
2:15 – 2:25 PMBreak
2:25 – 3:15 PMPresentation: ISC2 Recent Changes by Russell (Russ) White, ISC2 Pikes Peak Chapter President
3:15 – 3:25 PMDatabahn Presentation & Raffle Prize Drawing
3:25 – 4:15 PMClosing Keynote: Leading the Charge for Rapid Evolution and Advancing Colorado as a Regional Technology and Innovation Hub (Tech Hub) by Mark Baisley, Colorado State Senator, Member Joint Technology Committee
4:15 – 4:30 PMCFW 2024 in Review, Call to Close, & Recognition of Sponsors

CFW Capture The Flag, Camp Rubrik & Career Fair
March 29th


9:00-11:00 AM

LogRhythm: LogWars CTF
See the LogRhythm website for more information and to register:
Presented by LogRhythm and ISSA-COS. Hosted by UCCS at the Kevin W. O’Neill Cybersecurity Education & Research Center

 Presented by LogRhythm and ISSA-COS
12:00 – 2:00 PM

Rubrik: Camp Rubrik
See the Rubrik website for more information and to register:
Presented by Rubrik and ISSA-COS. Hosted by UCCS at the Kevin W. O’Neill Cybersecurity Education & Research Center
IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to bring your own laptop to participate in this online event.
Experience the next frontier in cybersecurity in a virtual lab environment led by our technical experts, and get all your questions answered during a 2-hour hands-on bootcamp. Our team will walk you through a simulated ransomware attack and the recovery process that entails. You’ll see how Rubrik reduces the complexity and effort associated with protecting your data, along with monitoring for risk, recovering your data, and restoring your applications, with assurance.

 Presented by Rubrik Federal and ISSA-COS
2:00 – 5:00 PM

Career Fair: Sponsored and Facilitated by Cleared Careers, LLC
See the Cleared Careers website for more information and to register:
Presented by Cleared Careers and ISSA-COS. Hosted by UCCS in Berger Hall

 Presented by Cleared Careers and ISSA-COS

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