ISSA-COS Members,

Welcome to March…shamrocks, corn beef & cabbage, and lots of college basketball! But the best part of all…the 2019 Cyber Focus Day conference co-hosted by ISSA-COS and the Federal Business Council (FBC)! The theme for this year’s conference is “Cybersecurity for all Industries” and to support that theme, we are opening the doors to all industries within Colorado Springs. The venue is set, the agenda is set, the registration website is set, and most of the guest speakers are also set. There are still plenty of sponsor opportunities so, if you or someone you know is interested, let us know and we will get you registered. Sponsorship even comes with a booth to advertise your company or organization. For your convenience, an updated agenda is included elsewhere in this month’s newsletter.

This month, we are also heavily promoting the expansion of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These groups will launch during the Cyber Focus Day conference and will include a focus on the following Affinity and Industry groups:

Affinity Groups

    • Women in Security
    • Mentoring in Security
    • Young Professionals in Security
    • Executives in Security

Industry Groups

    • Healthcare in Security
    • Finance in Security
    • Retail in Security
    • DoD in Security

Participants at the CFD conference will have an opportunity to participate in one Affinity group and one Industry group. When you attend a group, be sure to add your name to the SIG member list so you can receive emails regarding future events for the groups you join.

Also being promoted this month is the 2019 Best of ISSA-COS article submission. Members are encouraged to practice their research and writing skills and submit a personally written article from one of the following 18 Cybersecurity-related fields. Not an expert writer? No problem. The Best of ISSA-COS is for all talents and the chapter will take the time to review your work before it is published in September for the Peak Cyber conference. Deadline for submissions is August 16, 2019 but, don’t delay. Get your articles in early!

Cybersecurity-related Fields

    • Network and Infrastructure Security
    • Web Security
    • Endpoint Security
    • Application Security
    • Managed Security Service Providers
    • Data Security
    • Mobile Security
    • Risk and Compliance
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Security Operations and Incident Response
    • Threat Intelligence
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Messaging Security
    • Digital Rights Management
    • Security Consulting
    • Blockchain
    • Fraud and Transaction Security
    • Cloud Security

Next, let’s take some time to recognize our new sponsors. ISSA-COS recently secured a new Platinum Sponsor – Murray Security Services (MSS). MSS is not only providing financial support to our chapter, they are also donating numerous training scholarships for both the CFD and Peak Cyber conferences. These scholarships are redeemable for industry certification training provided by MSS. The scholarships will be distributed during the conferences and are also transferrable! For more information about MSS, follow the link to the MSS website via our own website (

Next, we are recognizing a new category of sponsor – an Aero Sponsor.  Aero Sponsors are individuals, companies, and organizations who provide financial donations to our chapter to help offset the annual membership fees for members in need. Last month, ISSA-COS secured our first Aero Sponsor – CT Cubed. CT Cubed donated financial support for two members of our chapter. The support will be discretely awarded to the recipients and CT Cubed will continue to be recognized or their generosity throughout the 2019 calendar year. For more information about CT Cubed, follow the link to the CT Cubed website via our own website (

Last of all, I’d like to recognize a special member of our chapter who was recently nominated for a very prestigious community award. Ms. Amy Coffman has been nominated to receive the Athena Award presented by our local Colorado Springs Chamber and Economic Development Counsel. The Athena Award celebrates outstanding businesswomen who inspire others through their business accomplishments, mentorship of others and community service. Amy fulfills all these attributes and is a strong supporter and member of our own ISSA-COS chapter. The winner of Athena Award will be announced during a luncheon held on April 4th at the Antlers Hotel. For more information and to register to attend, search for “2019 Athena Award Colorado Springs”. Please consider attending this event to help support Amy and to congratulate her for being recognized.

In closing, the Board of Directors hopes you will attend the CFD on March 28th. We look forward to seeing you, meeting, you, and talking with you. Encourage your friends and colleagues to attend the conference and to consider joining our chapter. The year is still young and there are lots of events on our calendar for the rest of the year.


Ernest Campos