We have an exciting year ahead of us, with numerous cybersecurity events – and opportunities – for education, networking, involvement, and leadership by our members. Our membership continues to grow, with many volunteering their time to help in a variety of initiatives.  Interest in cybersecurity also continues to grow within academia, industry, and city, state, and federal government, leading many to look to our Chapter for help.  We have an exceptional group of volunteers within the Chapter, doing amazing work behind the scenes to help this Chapter thrive. Through the efforts of our volunteers, we are truly the community of choice for cybersecurity professionals.

We are already working on our upcoming Cyber Focus Day conference, taking place on March 30th at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Campus, under the leadership of Pat Laverty. Numerous volunteers work throughout the year on our Security+ and CISSP Exam Prep Review Seminars, and our Mini-Seminars, under the leadership of Luke Ingerman.  Many more volunteers are actively engaged in mentoring our members, under the leadership of Melissa Absher.  And there are dozens of other volunteers, some on the Board, some on Committees, and some in one-deep positions, who dedicate their time and efforts to our Chapter.  Every one of them is critical to the success of our Chapter, and I want to thank each and every one of them for everything they do.
Some of our volunteers, however, are in one-deep or newly created positions and could use a little help. Our Chapter website and mailing list lead, Bill Welker, needs help in managing our web pages and mailing lists.  And our Committees can use additional help, especially for conferences, seminars, and other events we manage.  If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact any of the key personnel listed on our website: We’ll work with you, and your work/academic/family schedule, to ensure you have the opportunity to contribute to our Chapter’s success.

Colleen Murphy

President, Colorado Springs ISSA