Fellow Members of ISSA-COS,

Autumn is now upon us. Welcome to cooler temperatures, colorful foliage, and all things pumpkin spice. What a beautiful time of the year! As our chapter heads into Fall, we find ourselves busy with lots of internal and external projects at hand. In this month’s article, I will do my best to catch you up on everything taking place. There is a lot to cover so, …. Hang on!

ISSA-COS Online Series – With the onset of COVID-19 back in March 2020, all in-person events were immediately halted. Many chapters throughout ISSA International were forced to suspend operations and even to this day, have not yet resumed activities. Fortunately, our chapter was able to quickly shift gears as we instituted virtual events; the first ever in the history of our chapter. This allowed us to keep presenting applicable content, sustain knowledge sharing, and continue to make the ability to earn CPE/CEU credits available to our members. Over the last seven months, nearly 800 participants have registered to attend our chapter’s online presentations. We have featured nearly 40 guest speakers and have issued over 1000 CPE/CEU credits. Numerous industry businesses and organizations soon took notice of our chapter’s events. As a result, sponsorships and strategic partnerships increased. The ability to become flexible during adverse times has enabled our chapter to not only remain open but, to thrive! As or the virtual presentations, what was initially designed to be a convenient alternative to meeting in-person has quickly become a core necessity. In addition to eventually resuming in-person events, our board of directors recently agreed to retain virtual events as a part of our permanent programming. Hooray!!

Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Each year, the month of October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Each year, to help increase emphasis on Cybersecurity, our chapter hosts a community panel discussion. During this event, we invite various Cybersecurity leaders from across our region to discuss with us their thoughts and observations regarding any number of Cyber-related topics. This year, this event will be held virtually on Thursday, October 22nd from 6 – 7:30 PM. The theme for this event is “Adjusting to a Virtual Lifestyle: Impacts and Predictions on Work, Commerce, and Education.” ISSA-COS is honored to announce Ms. Vanessa Johnson, President of AFCEA-RMC, will serve as our moderator for this event. Among our other invited participants, we are also honored to announce Mr. Thomas Russell, NCC Director of Education, will be participating. To attend this event, please register via our website at www.issa-cos.org.

10th Annual Peak Cyber Symposium – PCS is right around the corner! Since the decision to move this event to a virtual platform, everything about this event just keeps getting bigger! The duration of PCS will now span 4-days! The number of exhibitors continues to grow! The number of community partners continues to grow! The number of nation-wide registrants continues to grow! Everything about this event is getting bigger and bigger. Even the number of keynote speakers continues to grow! Our list of keynote speakers now includes:

  • Jim Crowder – Systems Fellow, Mad Scientist Colorado Engineering, Inc.
  • Rory Lewis – Program Director: MS of CS, UCCS; Director: AI USAF/A2 Wedge SOCOM
  • Dale Meyerrose – USAF MG (Ret); President, MeyerRose Group
  • Kelley Misata – CEO Sightline Security; President and Exe Director, OISF (Suricata)
  • Nathan Toups – Sr. Site Reliabilty Engineer, Sante Capital Quantitative Hedge Fund
  • Karen Worstell – CEO, “W” Risk Group
  • Ron Ross – Fellow, NIST; Principal Author of NIST SP 800-53 Rev 5 ** Just Confirmed **

What an exciting event this symposium is shaping up to become. If you have not yet registered, please do so at www.peakcyberco.com. Remember, this event is FREE for all ISSA members (regardless of chapter affiliation), and anyone with a (dot) mil, (dot) gov, or (dot) edu email address.

ISSA-COS Annual Elections – Once again, election season is upon us! ISSA-COS is now announcing our “Call for Candidates.” Anyone interested in running for an open position is welcome to register as a candidate by contacting our Annual Election Committee at past-president@issa-cos.org. Candidates must be General Members of ISSA-COS and members in good standing (i.e., no ethics violations and currently paid dues).  Newly elected candidates will be expected to attend and observe the December 2020 Board Meeting in preparation for the assumption of their roles January 1, 2021. This year, the positions up for election include the following:

  • President and Chair(person) of the Board
  • Vice President of Training
  • Director of Certification
  • Recorder/Historian
  • Director of Professional Outreach
  • Member-at-Large #3
  • Member-at-Large #4

Updated Chapter Bylaws – As a part of the 2020 Annual Election, General Members will be asked to vote on the institution of newly updated bylaws for our chapter. For several months, volunteer board members and key personnel have poured countless hours into the task of updating our chapter’s governing documents. The newly revised documents have been drafted with an emphasis on increased flexibility in governance for the future needs of our chapter. General Members will be invited to review the bylaws as a part of this year’s voting process. Look for special announcements to be sent via email later this month.

Indeed, quite a bit is happening with our chapter. I am proud ISSA-COS has been able to continue operations this year and as well look forward to 2021, we are well position to expect another great year of activities. As always, I thank our volunteers who help keep or chapter running strong. I also thank our principal sponsors (Murray Security Services, Jacobs, and Beyond Trust) for their financial support. I thank our Community Partners who support our events throughout the year. Most of all however, I thank our General Members who help make ISSA-COS a pillar institution within our community!



Ernest M. Campos

President, ISSA-COS