ISSA-COS Members,

Welcome to the month of May and a more opportunities to connect, engage, and plug-in to our community. This month, our chapter will play host to more chapter meetings, another mini-seminar, and one very special event. But first, a look backward…

The month of April provided several CPE/CPU earning opportunities. Our sponsor and guest speaker for our chapter meetings was Trend Micro. They provided an outstanding technical presentation on Securing the Cloud that was regarded by many as one for the record books. It was both informational and technical yet, in an easy-speak kind of way.

April also marked the piloting of a new dinner venue – the Harris Corporation Fountain Blvd. campus. Based on attendee feedback and board member observations, a decision was made to adopt the Harris facility as our new permanent dinner meeting location. This facility provides our chapter with three (3) large projector screens, a fully functional A/V system (to include an entire-room microphone system), catering space (with a kitchenette), dinner seating for nearly 90 people and on-site security services…. all for free!! There truly isn’t a bad seat in the house. Our lunch meetings will continue to be hosted at the HP Enterprise facility which provides us with dual-screen projector capabilities, catering space, and lunch seating for nearly 100 people.

Our April mini-seminar included a technical presentation by Ms. Darla Lindt, Director of Risk Management, National Cyber Exchange (NCX) who spoke to us about Cyber Insurance. Many described the presentation as both an eye opening and personally informative event. The DIY CET portion include a NMAP hands-on session with cheat sheet reviews. I gotta tell you, the caliber of our guest speakers keeps going up…and up…and up.

In addition to our normal monthly programming, the month of May will include a very special opportunity for our chapter. By way of our relationship with the COS Chamber and EDC, we received a request from the U.S. Department of State (DoS) to host a Mongolian delegation of National Cybersecurity Officials. This nine (9) person delegation is seeking tips and recommendations on how best to implement robust policies and procedures onto the foundational implementation of a nation-wide cybersecurity capability. ISSA-COS will serve as host, moderator, and panel planning committee for this event. What an honor for our organization!

Further down the road, the month of June will include our second gathering of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). In this gathering, we will launch a new SIG: E[ducators] in Security (EduIS). This SIG will focus on providing educational tips and suggestions to instructors and educators in our community at both the K-12 and collegiate levels. Invite your instructors, your children’s teachers, and anyone you know who participates in helping educate our future generation of Cybersecurity professionals.

Also scheduled for the month of June, is our annual CISSP Review. This year, our CISSP Review has been compressed to one month and will include two Friday evening sessions and four Saturday sessions. The reason for the compressed schedule is to decrease the commitment require by both participants and instructors. The compressed format will also increase memory retention by not stretching the learning curve across two or even three months. If you are interested in participating, please register now!

Finally, it isn’t too early to look ahead towards our annual Peak Cyber conference. This year, Peak Cyber will be held on September 3rd, 4th, and 5th. For this year’s conference, ISSA-COS and the Federal Business Counsel (FBC) are looking to significantly increase participation among the Healthcare, Finance, Educational, and Retail industries. Yes, our traditional DoD community will also be well represented but, ISSA-COS is working to expand our intelligence into non-DoD industries. So please, invite your healthcare providers, your financial institutions, your family’s educators, and your retail stores of choice. Help us create a safer community for us to work, play, and live in. Registration will for Peak Cyber will soon open. When it does, be sure to register early and often. 😊

As always, on behalf of our Board of Directors and Key Personnel, I thank you for your support and participation. Your membership helps make our chapter one of the most effective and industry relevant chapters in the world.


Ernest Campos

President, ISSA-COS