Fellow Members of ISSA-COS,

Welcome to November! Can you believe we already had three snowstorms before the month event began!? Ahh… life in Colorado Springs. 😊 Fortunately, the early winter weather did not slow down our chapter. We gathered incredible momentum during the 3rd quarter of the year and we are maintaining the pace as we pull into the 4th quarter. So much so, our planning efforts are ahead of schedule and I believe we will all be able to slow down in December and enjoy the holidays.

Before we enjoy a sneak peek into the future, lets take a moment to review what we did last month. Looking back at October, our chapter participated in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  Our contributions to the month included hosting a panel discussion for both our dinner and lunch events. The topic of the discussion was “Cybersecurity in COS: Past, Present, and Future.” For the dinner event, our moderator was Ms. Gretchen Bliss (Pikes Peak Community College) and for the lunch event, our moderator was Mr. Vinnie Persichetti (COS Chamber and EDC). Our panel members for both events  included: Dr. Rick White (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), Mr. Mike Schmidt (National Cyber Exchange), Mr. Russ White ((ISC)2), Dr. Bob Cook (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), Ms. Erin Miller (National Cybersecurity Center), and Mr. Mark Spencer (ISSA-COS Past President Emeritus). These panel discussions provided our members with a glimpse of the past, learning how our region become such a prominent hub for the Cybersecurity industry. It also provided awareness of all the various organizations that participate in our local Cybersecurity ecosystem and the ways in which they contribute. As for our monthly Mini Seminar, we enjoyed an encore presentation from Ms. Erin Miller (National Cybersecurity Center) as she educated us on the selection of NCC to host the newly commissioned Space ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center), what that means for our community, and the significate mission the Space ISAC will play for our nation. We also heard from Mr. Frank Gearhart (ISSA-COS Past President) as he shared “Blockchain: Current Use, Future Use, and What It Means for Us.”  As if all those events weren’t enough, our chapter was also invited to attend the Cybersecurity Summit for Small Businesses, hosted by the COS Small Business Development Center (SBDC). At this event, we hosted a booth for our chapter and provided guest speakers throughout the day. THANK YOU, guest speakers and community partners, for contributing to the professional development of our region and to our chapter!

Returning our focus back on November, this month represents our final opportunity to attend chapter meetings and a Mini Seminar in 2019. This month, to avoid conflicting with early Thanksgiving travel plans, we have moved our Mini Seminar to Saturday, 11/16. Our dinner and lunch meetings will still take place during the 3rd full week of the month; 11/19 and 11/20, respectively. Also, during November, we will complete our Annual Election process to help solidify our 2020 Board of Directors. Make sure you participate to help exercise your rights. Finally, be sure you SAVE THE DATE, our Annual Award Ceremony will take place on Thursday, 12/5 from 11:00 – 1:00 PM. This is a lunch event that will be held at the SCP Hotel. Registration will soon open for this event.

Now, about that 2020 sneak peek I mentioned earlier. Next year will be a great year for our chapter. Many significant events will occur next year. Here is a list to just a few…

  • The 10th Anniversary of Peak Cyber symposium
  • The institution of Strategic Partnerships designed to provide added value to our General Members
  • An opportunity to become a “Big Brother” chapter to the soon-to-hatch ISSA Pueblo Chapter
  • The introduction of a new quarterly events that will provide a much-needed service to our community that no other non-profit organization in our city is currently providing
  • The institution of new policies that will enable our chapter to better utilize our funds, reduce waste, and afford to increase the quality of regularly scheduled events.

More details will follow in the December newsletter leading up to a full rollout of updates at the January 2020 Annual President’s Address and General Chapter Meeting.

In closing, our Board of Directs hopes you will take advantage of our final programing for 2019. We appreciate all you have done for our chapter, for your employers, and for our community. We will have much to celebrate when we look back at 2019 and much to look forward to as we prepare for 2020.


Ernest Campos

President ISSA-COS