Key Personnel for 2017

Name Position e-mail
Colleen Murphy Chapter President email
Dr. George J. Proeller President Emeritus email
Mark Spencer President Emeritus email
Dr. Pat Laverty Past President email
Frank Gearhart Past President email
Scott Frisch Vice President email
Tim Hoffman Executive Vice President email
Mark Heinrich VP of Training email
Martha Laughman Professional Outreach email
Dave Reed VP of Membership email
Shawn Murray Recorder email
Deborah Johnson Treasurer email
Elizabeth Boardman Communications Officer email
Derek Isaacs Director of Certification email
Dawn Wellein Member at Large email
James Asimah Member at Large email
Ryan Schneider Member at Large email
Bill Blake Member at Large email
Dr. Pat Laverty Sponsorship Committee Chair email
Luke Ingerman Training Committee Chair email
Timothy Westland Ethics Committee Chair email
Melissa Absher Mentorship Committee Chair email
Shawn Murray Recognition Committee Chair email
Don Creamer Newsletter Committee Chair email
Webmaster Webmaster email