Board Members and Key Personnel

ISSA-COS Key Personnel for 2022

Name Position e-mail
Ernest Campos President email
Michael Crandall Vice President email
Jay Carson Executive Vice President email
Debi Caldwell Treasurer email
Jessica Saas Deputy Treasurer email
Kimberly Hessler VP of Membership email
Christian Dalton Deputy VP of Membership email
Phebe Swope VP of Training email
James Asimah Deputy VP of Training email
Kenneth Grimm Director of Communications email
Marcelle Licciardi Deputy Director of Communications email
Patricia Smith Recorder/Historian email
Vacant Deputy Recorder/Historian  
Pat Pendergest Director of Professional Outreach email
Alfred Ortiz Deputy Director of Professional Outreach email
Derick Lopez Director of Certifications email
Luke Walcher Deputy Director of Certifications email
Jim Blake Member at Large email
Vacant Mentoring Committee Chair  
April Frost Media/Newsletter Committee Chair email
Patrick Sheehan IT Committee Chair email
Trent Bunnell Speakers Bureau Committee Chair email
Dr. George J. Proeller Past President email
Mark Spencer Past President (Emeritus) email
Dr. Pat Laverty Past President email
Frank Gearhart Past President email
Colleen Murphy Past President email
Cindy Thornburg Past President email
Vacant Recognition Committee Chair