Mentorship Program

Mission Statement

Provide interested mentees at any stage of their information security career lifecycle with access to mentors who share their knowledge and experience in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information resources throughout a variety of industries.


The ISSA-COS Mentorship Program is designed to be mentee driven.  Mentees determine the number of mentors they meet with depending on their questions, needs, and availability. The goal is to provide mentees with quality mentoring opportunities in a professional and problem solving environment.  There will be group meetings twice a year (April & October) for all mentors and mentees to meet, greet, and discuss information security.  Individual meetings between mentees and mentors will be scheduled throughout the year determined by the mentee and mentor.  Mentees and mentors are expected to prepare for individual meetings by writing down questions and discussion topics prior to the meeting.  e-Mentoring is also an option for those who need remote options.  Mentors will meet as a group twice a year (January & June) to collaborate and share resources.  Small group meetings to discuss specific topics and field trips to companies and organizations will be scheduled ad hoc.

Mentoring Program Plan

Why Mentor?

Give back to the security community by sharing your knowledge and experience, provide career insight to mentees, grow your network.

Why be a Mentee?

Gain access to knowledge and experience in different security areas and industries.

Enrollment Process