Cybersecurity/IT Job Opportunities

System High Corporation

As a Event Cybersecurity Plan (ECsP) Cyber coordinator on our team, you will assist in the assessment of the DoD current cyber policies, the coverage of those policies, and areas of risks in the Event Cybersecurity Plan. The Event Cybersecurity plan is a MDA specific authorization for systems that do not normally connect in support of exercises and wargames. You will evaluate and audit how exercises and wargames stack up to regulations, best practices, and industry standards. As you guide your client through understanding acceptable risk and availability. You will work in a consultative role to ensure the client operates securely as they navigate an evolving IT environment. Join us as we protect the DoD through strategic cyber policy development.

Duties and Responsibilities

Oversee the development of the Event Cybersecurity plan and associated authorization for MDA exercises and wargames.
Applies advanced consulting skills and/or extensive technical expertise, full industry knowledge.
Ability to manages multiple projects at once. Reporting to leadership on timelines and security concerns.
Works without considerable direction.

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